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Sign Up for the Patient Participation Group Online and receive our Practice Newsletter

What is the Patient Participation Group Online?

The PPG and Practice set up the Patient Participation Group Online (PPGO) in November 2012 to allow the Practice and PPG to better keep in touch with the views and opinions of all of the patients registered with Charnwood Community Medical Group and keep them informed of the latest news and developments taking place.

The PPGO is an online group and there is no need to attend meetings. From time to time the practice and PPG will send members a newsletter by email with news and information about the practice including any planned changes or new services being introduced.

Members will also be invited to take part in online surveys to let the practice and group know their priorities for development and areas that the practice is doing well alongside areas that can be improved. This information will then be used to inform future decision making by both the practice and PPG. If at any time members wish to leave the PPGO they can simply click on the link at the bottom of the emails sent to resign.

To sign up to join our Patient Participation Group Online and receive our Practice newsletter please enter your email address in the form below and tick to confirm that you have read our statement of consent below. Thank you in advance for your help developing and improving Charnwood Community Medical Group.

Statement of Consent

I consent to the practice contacting me by email for the purposes of health promotion, news about the practice and online surveys.

The surgery does not offer a reply facility to enable patients to respond to emails directly. Emails are generated using a secure facility however I understand that they are transmitted over a public network to a personal email account and as such may not be secure. The practice will not transmit any information which would enable an individual patient to be identified or share contact details with the Patient Participation Group although information will be sent on their behalf.

I will advise the practice if my email address changes or if the account is no longer used.