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How to book an Appointment


To book an appointment at our surgeries please telephone the surgery from 8.00am in the morning on 01509 324115 to arrange this with the reception team. They will ask you if you would like to book an appointment for that day or for a later date (if possible). If you need to be seen that day and would prefer to talk to the doctor on the phone as opposed to coming in to the surgery please let the reception team know and they can arrange this for you. 


Appointments with the practice nurses, healthcare assistants and phlebotomists and follow-up appointments with your doctor can also be booked in advance.


Our Appointment Times


Appointments are available throughout the day at Rosebery Medical Centre from Monday to Friday, at Outwoods Medical Centre everyday apart from Friday afternoon; and at Forest Edge Medical Centre every day apart from Tuesday afternoon.


The right to express a Preference of Practitioner


A patient may express a preference for a practitioner during any contact with the surgery. However, the practice cannot always guarantee the availability of particular practitioners at a given time.


Telephone Advice


The duty doctor is usually available from 11.30am to 12 noon. The receptionist will advise you of other times when you may be able to speak to your preferred doctor.


When making appointments please;


  • Ask for a double appointment (20mins) if you have a problem that you know is likely to take some time.
  • Try not to store up multiple medical problems for one visit.
  • Cancel any appointments that you cannot attend.
  • Make a separate appointment for each person wishing to be seen.


Online Booking

To use our online system you need a unique username and password. Our reception team can print these details off for you. Once you have these details visit our website at and click on the online services button at the top of the webpage to login.

Appointment System Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which doctor I see?


Whenever possible we will book you in with the doctor of your choice at a convenient time, for appointments at a later date. All of the GPs at the practice offer appointments on different days and times to each other. Sometimes the earliest appointment at a later date for a particular GP might mean waiting longer than for some of the other GPs.


What happens if my usual doctor isn't able to see me for a few weeks?


All of our GPs have access to your medical records so if you would prefer to see a different GP who is available sooner this can be arranged. The choice is completely up to you. A number of our patients have found that seeing a different GP from time to time can improve their understanding of their condition.


How far in advance can I book an appointment?


We aim to have appointments at all three surgeries on the system up to three months in advance and they are available to book online or by telephoning the surgery.


Do all of the appointments get booked up?


We rely on our patients to make appointments only when they need to. Booking appointments on the off chance that they may be needed means that there are fewer slots available for other patients to book. It is also important that you let us know if you can't attend for any reason, so that the slot can be offered to someone else.


Does it matter what time I telephone the surgery?


Our telephones are busiest between 8.00am and 10.00am. Wherever possible we would ask you to try to leave the lines free between these times for patients who have an urgent need and call later in the day for future appointments, test results, medication and other queries. This way whenever you have an urgent need it will be easier for you to get through.


How do you know that you have enough appointments?


We continually monitor the number of doctor and nurse appointments that the practice offers and benchmark ourselves against national averages to ensure that we have enough capacity in the system. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis we vary the ratio of appointments that are available to book in advance versus those reserved for on the day. An example may be the day after a bank holiday where we would typically reserve all our appointments for on the day as demand is always very high.

Practice Appointment - Guide

Patient Guide to the Practice Appointment System

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