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Practice Environmental Policy Statement



The practice will conduct all aspects of its business with due regard to the environment and its habitats. The practice will actively investigate new opportunities to take advantage of environmentally friendly initiatives and developments.


Practical Application


  • Premises will include design and / or improvement for maximum energy efficiency
  • All new and replacement equipment, including heating, cooling, or other energy-use items will be co-selected on the basis of low energy use and environmental impact
  • Travel by staff and / or partners will be on the basis of shared transport wherever practicable
  • Environmental considerations will be taken into account in every major business decision
  • Contractors will be selected on the basis of a consideration their environmental procedures
  • Gardeners and other external contractors will be required to use bio-degradable chemicals only. All garden waste will be re-cycled into a "Green" scheme
  • Rooms not in use will be "powered down" and closed off for the inactive period
  • The practice will aim to have water on a metered supply. Automatic toilet flush systems will not be used, and low-volume cisterns will be installed
  • The practice will re-cycle toner cartridges via the supplier
  • All paper and cardboard will be recycled
  • All aluminium waste will be segregated and recycled
  • Timber, if used, will be from renewable sources
  • Tea bags and food waste will be composted where possible
  • Envelopes or other paper supplies will be purchased as re-cycled paper where practicable. Packaging materials or boxes will be opened in a way which will facilitate re-use
  • The use of hazardous or other non-degradable chemicals or cleaning supplies will be avoided where there is a suitable alternative
  • Where possible, communication and routine elements of the business will take place electronically to avoid paper use. Printing will be kept to a minimum
  • All heating and electrical equipment will be serviced annually where appropriate
  • Time clocks, controls and thermostats for the heating system and the air conditioning/cooling system will be monitored and adjusted to optimise energy use. Heating and cooling systems will be turned down/off at weekends and bank holidays
  • All waste classified as hazardous will be clearly identified, segregated, and disposed of by an approved and certified contractor who will provide a consignment note
  • All clinical waste will be segregated and treated as hazardous
  • Where available and practical to do so energy certificates for buildings and equipment will be displayed
  • Energy performance will be considered in the purchase of all new equipment

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