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Online Annual Health Review

If you have received a text message inviting you to complete an annual online health review please follow the instructions below. Please do not complete it if you have not received an invitation to do so.

1) Please log in to SystmOnline using your unique log on and password.

2) Once you have logged on you will be taken through to the following screen. Please click on the questionnaires section.

You will now see the annual screening questionnaires that the practice would like you to complete.

Please note that you do not have to complete these and can answer as much or as little as you feel comfortable in doing.

3) Please click on the Red Answer box on any of the questionnaires you would like to complete.

You will now see the questionnaire you selected, please answer the questions by selecting your response.

4) At the bottom of the questionnaire you will see the Submit button. Click on this to send the practice your answers.

Your responses will now be sent to the practice for us to review and save to your record.

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Please get in touch and let us know if there is more we can do to provide information online.